Accepted Papers

  • Endorsement of a User-level Bandwidth Management Application in a Directory Service Environment
    Marius C. Breabăn1, Adrian Graur2, Alin D. Potorac3 and Doru G. Bălan4, 1,2,3&4University of Suceava, Romania
    In a world of the global communications, with continuous expansion to new horizons, which requires anytime and anywhere access to information sources, the need to manage the communication requirements is a very important issue. Traditional IP networks are facing difficulties in ensuring, to a user, a specific bandwidth [1] level for network access. Related to this matter, in this article we are proposing a bandwidth control solution, through the medium of a newly developed Java application. The bandwidth management process is realized taking account of the privileges arising from the user’s membership to certain directory service group, by using Active Directory specific software components. This paper presents the endorsement elements for a proposed network management application, highlighting the performed tests, at the development level, and the results obtained with the aimed bandwidth control application.